As a fan of eating out, there's nothing better than finding a gem of a restaurant on your doorstep. I've passed Goode and Wright so many times, thinking that I should check it out, and finally did with Emily a couple of weeks ago when she invited to review it, much to our delight. G&W is a French inspired bistro/wine bar serving excellent food, and really good, great value cocktails (starting at £6.50). The room is wood paneled and narrow, and perfect for whiling away the hours over sharing plates of delicious food and drinks with friends.

The food menu at Goode and Wright is pretty much my idea of heaven. Split into nibbles, veg, fish and meat we chose a couple of dishes from each section, starting with ceviche, tiger's milk and grapefruit. I don't think I'll ever get bored of ceviche, especially when it's this good. I've tried so many different combinations, but it's the citrus that always comes out on top for me. 

Something else I'll never get bored of is chicken liver parfait. The G&W offering was silky smooth and iron rich. With little cubes of madeira jelly it was heaven on toast.

Pork cheeks with red wine sauce were meaty goodness, falling apart at the touch of a fork and dunked in the thick, well reduced sauce. The chou croute (say it out loud - like sauerkraut) and apple underneath the pork cheeks worked so well with the meat.

Cauliflower cheese was another winner (there's a theme here!), and we polished it off in seconds, dunking the veg in as much or as little white cheesy sauce as we wanted.

Our final savoury dish was even better than the rest. Pink in the middle with charred, rendered strips of fat lamb chops, served with sherry wine kidneys, mint peas and pickles. My stomach is rumbling now as I type this, and I'm taking friends back to G&W next week to sample their delights, starting with these.

We were convinced to try the Guinness and chocolate cake (that's more like a brownie, and one of the best versions of brownie I've tasted) with marmite chantilly cream and sesame ice cream. Like marmite, apparently this dish divides the customers, and I don't think we were sold. The cake on its own, 100% yes, but we found it a bit much with the marmite and sesame. Though I've just read a review describing it as "closest to a religious experience" so each to their own!

It's so refreshing to find such good food in such humble surroundings. There's no pomp or showing off. Just excellent plate of food and excellent plate of food. Website details are here, and I've got a feeling that Goode and Wright won't stay secret for long, so go soon before you can't get a table. 

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