I've long been a fan of the Polpo restaurants - they do Italian (mostly Venetian) staples so very well, there's always a great atmosphere at their restaurants and the cocktail list isn't too shabby either. So what's better than an evening at Polpo....? An evening at Polpo full of wines and truffles, that's what. Honest Grapes invited me along to their five course truffle dinner with paired wines at Polpo at Ape and Bird for a feast of an evening. After a chat with executive head chef of the Polpo group it was time to get down to the serious business of eating.

Dinner kicked off with what was to be my favourite (if I had to choose one) course - cured halibut with truffle dressing. The lightly almost-ceviche'd fish's delicate taste went so well with the subtle but heady truffle. Such an unusual but delightful pairing, and so pretty too. It was paired with the young, fresh Vette di San Leonardo white wine.

Next to appear was a pile of venison hens scotch eggs with truffle mayo and a glass of Giogantinu Vermentino di Gallura Superiore 2015. Aside from the food and wine, what I really loved about the evening was the choice of and stories about each supplier, both of food and wine. We were talked through the inspiration behind the dishes, the reason they were paired with truffle and the history of the wines.

Dish three was another corker - black trumpet papparedelle which was drowning in shaved white truffle. Italy on a plate... a very bad photo of Italy on a plate, but trust me when I say it was utterly incredible!

Last of the mains, because eating Italian means four savoury courses, was apricot and sage stuffed suckling pig, chicken baked potatoes and truffle sauce. Though I dream of eating this food all the time it is actually lucky for my waistline and cholesterol that meals like this don't happen regularly for me, because I couldn't not eat it all!! The suckling pig was carved up from whole and served soft as it gets with crispy crackling and sweet, sticky stuffing. And truffle sauce, of course. Washed down with a heady Mastrojanni Rosso di Montalcino 2014.

Last but definitely not least was Parmesan laden with honey and black truffle, which was a pretty fantastic end to a wonderful meal. 

Although sadly you can't go to this same truffle dinner until next year, Honest Grapes have a whole host of fun and interesting events coming up. There's a festive lunch at Quo Vadis next week, a Champagne dinner and tasting the following week and other events in the New Year including Investing in Pleasure, Stocking your Cellar, with Honest Grapes' wine guru himself, Tom Harrow.



  1. Wow.....Beautiful pictures.This meals look insanely delicious All are best which makes you to serve the best with quality.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow.....Beautiful pictures


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