Earlier this year I visited a new restaurant in Mayfair called Ormer. Sister restaurant to Jersey's Ormer, it's Shaun Rankin's first restaurant to open in London, and it was love at first bite for me. I ate the best thing I've eaten all year and was very happy to have found this gem. A few weeks later when I was invited to go and check out some of the new winter dishes that would be added to the menu, along with the English wines sourced by the in house sommelier, I cleared my diary and headed to Ormer with a lovely group of PRs and bloggers. 

We were welcomed back in to the beautiful restaurant, and directed through to the bar area which I hadn't seen the first time I was there. It's a stunning yet cosy space and somewhere I can see myself wanting to go for pre/post dinner drinks, whether I'm eating at Ormer or other restaurants in the area. We moved through to the restaurant for food, and chose our dishes from a special menu for the night. I started with the heritage beetroot, goat's cheese and kalamata sorbet dish, as I'd already tried the lobster ravioli first time round. The beetroot dish was wonderful - punchy flavours and dreamy textures meant I had to regrets going for the veggie starter. 

I was tempted to go veggie again for the main course and have the herb stuffed gnocchi, which looked really good, but changed my mind last minute and had the pork cheek with brussels and chestnuts instead, which was truly excellent. The pork was slow cooked and fell apart with gentlest prod of my fork whilst the brussels lifted the whole dish. Sides of pressed potato in creamy truffle sauce were as good as the main dish itself.  

Pudding was made up of three perfectly executed elements - the lightest cherry souffle, a rich and indulgent black forest gateau cake and a cherry sorbet which blew my mind it was so good. 

Going back to Ormer reminded me just how good the food is there, and I can't wait to go back again soon. Sometimes I get too swept up in new openings springing up all over London, when really, if I find a place like Ormer I should keep it at the forefront of my mind when thinking of places to eat, because there's few places that consistently get food this right. 


  1. Delicious, looks like you had a fabulous time.

    1. Was wonderful, again! Can't wait to go back

      Rosie xx


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