When good food comes to South West London it makes me very happy, especially when this good food is a nice walk along the river from where I live, and the restaurant in question does an epic Sunday lunch (and apparently pretty good brunch too according to their Instagram - go with a few mates and get the Social Sharer Mixed Grill - sausage, bacon, steak, lamb chop, bone marrow, eggs, mushrooms, black pudding, potato rosti served with a carafe of Gentlemans Baristas coffee). Meat Up have brought an inside BBQ in the form of a josper grill to Wandsworth Town so we headed down a few weekends ago to fill our hungry tummies with their Sunday roast.

We kicked things off with some of the best calamari I've had in a long time - perfectly cooked delicate squid in a light, crunchy batter made with house smoked salt and pink peppercorns, served with a tangy caper mayo.

Grilled king prawns were juicy and delicious and doused in a fiery mayo that was so good we were mopping up the extra with the baby gem lettuce leaves.

Starters were wonderful, but it was really the meat we were there for. And what a spread we got. There's a choice of cuts of meats every Sunday - when we went it was pork belly, poussin, lamb or beef. Bron went for lamb and I had the beef. Both were expertly cooked and served pink but not overly rare. All roasts come with braised red cabbage, gigantic Yorkshire puddings, honey roast roots, seasonal greens, perfect roast potatoes and ale and bone marrow gravy that I could've drunk straight from the gravy jug, it was so good.

For some unknown reason we decided we also needed the cauliflower and celeriac cheese which was totally unnecessary but definitely worth getting!

For pudding we shared a very sticky toffee pudding which was gooey and warm and delightful. And the cheeseboard, because there is always room for cheese. Especially British cheese. All of which we washed down with an espresso martini before emerging in to the real world from our Sunday cocoon.

Meat Up is all about long, leisurely meals with the ones you love. There are a lot of sharing style platters for all meals, not just brunch. Service was friendly, the music was perfect and it's very affordable - our huge roasts were around the £18 mark, and starters range from £6-10.



  1. That's such great value for those massive roasts! And I love me a good calamari - which is surprisingly so difficult to find!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

    1. I know, really good value. The calamari was so delicious - so many places it get it so wrong.

      Rosie xx

  2. Yum! This place sounds amazing, I'll need to go for a Sunday roast, the beef looks too tempting!

  3. I live just a short walk down the river from Wandsworth Town too - I wandered by here a few weeks ago and thought it looked good. Now it's on my list! x

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