A few weeks ago I was invited to a supper club at the Bert & May showroom in Hackney. Bert & May make and supply beautiful handmade artisan tiles, engineered woods, natural paints and furniture, bathrooms and kitchens. Recently Bert & May have designed a stunning barge that's parked up alongside their Hackney showroom. They've now launched a monthly supper club which I was lucky enough to attend in April. With welcome drinks flowing, and delicious canap├ęs being passed around we sat on the barge and watched the world go by.


Food was provided caterers Salt and Honey and was really tasty, and stunningly presented on Bert & May's gorgeous crockery.

We had such a wonderful evening - eating great food in the most glorious of settings in the Bert & May showroom - dreamy tiles and interiors surrounded us, the wine flowed and cheeks ached from talking and laughing. So you can imagine how honoured I felt when at the end of the night I was asked if I would like to cook at their next supper club! Soon enough the 2nd June rolled around and I was back in that showroom of dreams, cooking up four courses for 50 people. It was one of the most beautiful spots I've done a supper club in, and I've got a few snaps of my evening at Bert & May here.


It was SUCH a fab evening cooking at Bert & May, and I'm very much hoping I can go back and do it all again soon!! In the meantime, they've got tickets available for their next couple of supper clubs here, so do try and go if you like good food, great company and stunning interiors.

And if you're in the market for a BBQ this summer then check out their new hotboxes. I've seen them in action and they're fantastic. You can choose which tiles to decorate yours with so it'll be made exactly to your spec.... I may or may not have one on order for myself!!


  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful food (I've already had dinner but I'm starving again!) Very jealous these supper clubs aren't down in the South West! I need to live in London at some point xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

    1. Thanks Lucy. There are some *very vague* plans to maybe do one in the South West sometime later this year actually.... will keep you posted!

      Rosie xx


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