New year, new things to do. Two lovelies that I've met through the food blogging world have just launched new websites which are such great inspiration if you're looking for either somewhere super affordable to eat, or a restaurant with bottomless drinks included in the price.

Firstly, Leyla has launched London Cheap Eats - a definitive guide of where to eat in London for £8 or less. With London rated as the 7th most expensive city in the world, where your average meal for two people costs £66.77, London Cheap Eats has come to the rescue with a great selection of places serving food that's fresh, filling, recommendable and most importantly, affordable. You can search for a foodie spot by categories including restaurant dish, on the go, street food, multi course, meal deal, filling the gap and luxury cheap treats, or you can search by geographical areas of London. I can see London Cheap Eats becoming a go to for anyone looking for good food at amazing prices. If you sign up to the weekly newsletter you'll get an email with new entries, news and deals.

New website number 2 that I can see becoming a favourite of mine is Bottomless Bookings, set up by Gary. If you want unlimited, free flowing drinks with your food, then this is the place to find it. You can search for unlimited drinks offers at eateries all over the UK, whether it's bubbles, Bloody Marys or soft drinks you're after, you'll find them on Bottomless Bookings. It's a great concept for getting as much to drink as you like during your allotted eating slot, and will really help with group bookings when you can't all afford to pick and choose different drinks throughout the meal, or towards the end of the month before payday when people's purse strings might be a little tighter! They've also got a newsletter that will keep you up to date with all the bottomless drinks offers available.


  1. I love both of these ideas, lots of luck to Leyla and Gary!

    1. Brilliant ideas aren't they. Both very needed!

      Rosie xx


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