MoneySuperMarket know how to throw an EPIC house party! On a Thursday before Christmas I spent the evening drinking Veuve Clicquot, dancing to Annie Mac dj-ing and having mice pulled out of eggs in wine glasses by the best magician I've ever seen, along with 79 other people in East London. But let me start from the beginning....

I was contacted by MoneySuperMarket a few weeks beforehand and asked if I would like to design a food menu for a house party they were throwing to promote their home insurance deals - rather than have the worry of guests invading our own homes, MoneySuperMarket took that worry away by finding a wonderful loft space in which to host this EPIC house party. I said yes straight away to designing the menu (and would've cooked it myself had I not just landed from Mauritius). I suggested the following for the menu and they came through and made all of it!

Chorizo sausage roll topped with fennel seed and salt - an adaption of a great Valentine Warner recipe that I make over and over again
Veggie sausage rolls made with roast squash and cumin
Smoked salmon roulade on top of cucumber slices
Goats cheese mousse cups topped with cranberries
Bowl food:
Pulled pork with barbecue sauce and cabbage coleslaw
Teriyaki salmon on a bed of spicy noodles
Sweet stuff:
Mince pie cigars (recipe here)
Chocolate and Christmas fruit brownies

I was thrilled with how the food turned out but more on that later.

I was invited to attend the party as well as create the menu for it, and took the boy along with me as my plus one, which was a real treat as normally he doesn't come to blog events with me, as he runs his own company so can rarely get out of the office at a decent time, even if he does want to come! We arrived on a horribly rainy evening at the door of the loft that MoneySuperMarket had hired for the event. We were ushered inside, our coats taken, and drinks flung in our hands. Good start! The loft was beautiful and had been decorated by Zoe. There was a real Christmas, polar theme going on with snuggly blankets, sparkly polar bears and a bath tub full of Veuve Clicquot. There was upstairs, where the DJ booth, beer pong and Christmas wish tree were, as well as the bar, and downstairs, where there was a photobooth, tarot card reader and a bed for lounging on.

We were a little late arriving so food was already going round when we got there. We tucked in, and I was so pleased with how the caterers had got everything I'd asked for spot on. The chorizo sausage rolls:

Goats cheese and cranberry cups:

Salmon roulade on top of cucumber slices:

Vicki's cocktails she designed for the evening:

Me and my food through a weird fisheye lens!

The caterers had even got the mince pie cigars spot on - so delicious:

Pulled pork bowls - another popular choice:

Food eaten, photo booth piccies taken, it was time to get on the dancefloor for The Nextmen, who were playing brilliant old skool hip hop:

Before the star of the show, miss Annie Mac arrived:

Photobooth fun with Georgie, who just so happened to also be celebrating her birthday, so Happy Birthday Georgie!

Thanks so much to Georgie for getting me involved and to MoneySuperMarket for inviting me and putting on an EPIC house party!! It's not too late for you guys to get involved either as MoneySuperMarket have posted the all the photos from the night on their site here, and by the end of the week the music sets will be live on the site too, so go and have a watch and a listen!

All photos with the MoneySuperMarket logo were taken by Tony TK Smith.  


  1. Gutted I wasn't able to make it - looks like it was an incredible party! Congrats on the menu - everything looks so delicious!

    Katie <3

    1. It was such fun Katie, sad that you missed out :(

      Rosie xx

  2. Looks like such a fun party, Rosie! And I love the menu you created - those mince pie cigars look so yummy! xxx

    1. It was brilliant! I was so chuffed they made the cigars!!

      Rosie xx

  3. Wow, looks like great fun and I love the sound of the goat cheese and cranberry cups, yum!

    1. Such a good party! The goats cheese was so delicious with the cranberry flavour :)

      Rosie xx

  4. How cool are those mince pie cigars, and I love the polar bears! Great to meet you in person at LYD and I'll definitely check out your supperclub sometime

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    1. So lovely to meet you too Suze, always nice to put a real life face to a name! I was thrilled they made the mince cigars :) so much more fun than normal mince pies.

      Rosie xx

  5. Love the new blog design. You did a great job with the food all the pictures look lovely. What a fun event Lucy x


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