There are so many great things that come out of doing my own pop up restaurants, and going to other people's. I'm constantly inspired by food and always full of ideas of what to do next with it. But I think the best thing about the whole experience is the people I get to meet. I've had such a range of guests at my pop ups, from pop stars, to professional food writers, to bloggers, to food suppliers themselves. A couple of months ago one such food producer came to my pop up, and loved it so much that he booked the next one as soon as he got home. It was only when I got talking to him that I found he has just started a very special company - Shaun produces his own honey in Ealing, West London, and uses the honey to make his already much sought after HoneyBee chocolates.

When I met Shaun at the first pop up he came to his enthusiasm was contagious, and I really wanted to try his chocolates. So when he rebooked for the next date I put my order in for some sweet treats that he brought with him. He makes the chocolates using his own natural honey and top quality French chocolate. I ordered a box of the rustic truffles - a chocolate ganache covered with a chocolate shell, a box of the salted honey caramels which are half domes, and a bag of honeycomb, which is a rich comb covered with dark French chocolate.

Photo taken from www.honeybeechoc.co.uk

They were all exquisite, and made so professionally it was amazing to think he's so new to the game! Shaun's chocolates aren't cheap but you get what you pay for - handmade, crafted chocolates that taste out of this world. Having said that, they're not ridiculously expensive either - for 12 handmade chocolates, and a large back of chocolate covered honeycomb it was just over £20 which is better value than most chocolatier shops. To buy some yourself (I really would before I buy them all!)check his website - www.honeybeechoc.co.uk.


  1. Honeycomb is a favourite and dipped in chocolate heaven. Honey is good for warding of colds apparently and hay-fever Lucy x

    1. You must try this chocolates then Lucy - they're divine. And so good made with his own honey - I'm stocking up for Christmas!!

      Rosie xx


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