I do love a good Mexican, and there are several restaurants and street food venues in Soho that I used to frequent for a lunchtime burrito, but I recently stumbled across somewhere that tops them all. This little gem seats about 12 people (they serve many more with take away which can be pre ordered to pick up on arrival), and is hidden away somewhere between Victoria and Westminster Cathedral.

I absolutely adore their business card, above, and the interior of their tiny restaurant has the same feel.

Picante offers breakfast from Tuesday to Friday, lunch every day of the week and dinner on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I have had lunch at Picante twice. The first time I had a shredded pork (carnitas) fajita burrito. Everything is homemade on the day of serving, from the nachos to the sauces, and you can really taste the freshness. The pork had a deep aromatic flavour and was so soft, it just melted in the mouth, and the flavour of the avocados in the guacamole tasted so exotic it was almost like a totally different fruit to the avocados I am used to in the UK. The burrito was served with my choice of black or refried beans, peppers and onions or rice and a combination of sauces and cheese.

On my second lunch visit I had a shredded chicken naked burrito box, which is all the components of a normal burrito, but without the tortilla, in a box instead. The shredded chicken was equally as delicious as the carntias I had tried first time round, and was spiced with Ancho, the sweetest of the chilli family, and Chipotle, a smokier, hotter chilli, sauces.

Picante does a range of burritos, tacos, quesadillas and salads all based around their meat options of shredded chicken, grilled chicken, shredded beef, grilled steak, carnitas or their pepper and onion vegetarian option. I thoroughly recommend trying their food if you are in the area.

For more information or for directions to find the tiny restaurant, visit Picante's website: www.picantemexicangrill.co.uk.

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