Street food is more popular now than it's ever been. Night food street market, Street Feast, which I have yet to visit, leads the way with it's Friday night feasts off Brick Lane. But not far behind is Berwick Street, Soho, whose offerings seem to increase by the week. I'm lucky enough to work close by and have long been a fan of Freebird Burritos, who get it spot on with steak, carnitas (pulled pork), chicken and veggie burritos, however, they have now got some serious competition. Not only is there fresh Vietnamese rolls, there's a falafel stand, Mediterranean salad stall, Thai and Moroccan.

But my newest favorite lunch from Berwick Street is the pizza from Pizza Pilgrims - fresh pizzas cooked in the back of a tiny van, that I'm sure must have to be towed to the site! It's so small, it's amazing it can produce pizzas, let alone ones of such quality - it definitely cannot be roadworthy! 

My boyfriend is a massive pizza fan, and it's hard to convince him to eat anything else sometimes - I am a pizza fan too, but it's the last food I'd ever go out to eat as there's so much more I'd rather eat when eating food someone else has cooked. Pizza Pilgrims, however, have changed my mind. Their lunch friendly pizza was just what I wanted - small enough for one, but good enough that I could have eaten more! Crunchy crusts met oozing cheesy melt, with bright, fresh tomato sauce base and wonderful portobello mushrooms and garlic oil. Not the best for my afternoon meetings, but a truly fantastic lunch. All for £6.

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