For some unfathomable reason I hadn't been to street food market KERB in Camden until only a couple of weeks ago. Looking to rectify this, we took a leisurely Saturday stroll along the canal from my flat all the way to Camden in search of some deliciousness. 

KERB is now in five locations, Camden being the most recent opening, where there are 34 street food stalls that trade 12-5pm Monday to Friday, and 11am-6pm Saturday and Sunday. Stalls selling food in Camden include Ghetto Grillz (NYC bagel melts), Kimchinary (Swedish-Mex-Korean...!), Hanoi Kitchen (noodles), La Churreria (churros), Ink (szechuan squid strips with pastel mayos), Luardos (burritos), The Mac Factory (gourmet mac and cheese), and lots, lots more!

We did the classic thing of walking round the whole market and ending up back where we started - Arepazo Bros, to get an arepa (a patty made from ground maize dough) filled with shredded beef, melted cheese, LOTS of garlic sauce and pico de gallo with some fried plantain on the side. I've had a few versions of this Venezuelan dish before but this was definitely the winner. Soft, rich meat dripping with pokey garlic sauce and melty cheese. We'll definitely be going back for more of these.

In a sharing = trying more things kinda mood, we wandered a little more, stopping off for a beer or two, before choosing our next lunch. I'd never think of choosing pasta at a street food market but when we walked past this beast below our minds were pretty quickly made up. The Cheese Wheel serve up freshly made pasta in a choice of sauces that's dunked in the biggest wheel of cheese before being portioned for customers. We had sauteed wild mushroom with mushroom cream and chives, slurping up every last little bit of sauce, and kind of wishing it would never end. Writing this post makes me think I was in the mood for melted cheese that Saturday (and most days of my life!)

KERB is the perfect spot for a Saturday mooch, choosing what you fancy as you go. Even if you have a little bit of lots of different things you'll still be nowhere sampling all of what's on offer, so a return trip is an absolute must. 


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