While I sit here trying to work out quite how we've nearly reached Christmas/2017, I've realised there's a whole lot of eating out I haven't written about yet. I've still got a post to go up on the best of the best in Barcelona as well as a couple more about my time in Provence, and some other more detailed reviews, but in the meantime let's catch up on my recent eatings and feedings at London's newest restaurants. 

No longer as new as when I visited, but still just as good, Margot is classic, stunning Italian in the heart of Covent Garden. Classy, sophisticated with a menu full of pasta, fish and meat dishes, and enough to satisfy vegetarians, this is the place to go to impress. It's the kind of place I wish I could take my parents to and spend a long, cosy evening with them sampling the best of the menu and wine list. Highlights from my visit included the raw Sicilian red prawns, and monkfish with cannellini beans. The pasta that the others had is another reason I want to go back. 

So many people ask how important service, location, atmosphere etc are to me over food. Generally my rule is if the food is incredible then the rest doesn't matter that much. But, of course, it does actually affect the whole experience. I went to Sushi and Robata by Genji with the girls for Friday night light dinner, pre pop up cooking. The food was good, really good, but it just felt like we were sitting in a shopping centre as the restaurant is inside Whole Foods in Kensington, in a slightly odd, soulless food court. Worth it if you're in the area and want a quick snack, but not a destination restaurant for me. If you do go make sure to get the soft shell crab and the hiramasa with kimchi, jalapeno, avocado and coriander salsa. 

Oh. My. Gosh. One of my favourite new openings this year. Which obviously meant my camera didn't work so no photos, and no proper review..... yet! I'm going back next week, so review will follow, but I'll just leave you with this (the only photo that came out) - the lime sorbet, mezcal and chilli pudding we had. Check back next week for a proper review of Temper. 

Famous for his work at The Ledbury, James has now opened his own place near Bank in the City. I took Bron to road test the menu a couple of Saturdays ago. Dishes were slightly hit and miss for me personally, but it was their first week of full service, so all is forgiven. Highlights included jerk buttermilk chicken, a cheesy eel toastie (though would've loved more eel), lamb with jerusalem artichoke and pigeon with blackberries and hazelnuts. I'm going to head back in the New Year as I'd really like to try the food again once they've settled in. 

Pitt Cue moved from Soho to a much bigger site near Liverpool Street a few months ago, leaving Little Pitt in its original place. I popped in on a horribly rainy Monday for ultimate comfort food of bone marrow mash, which was enough to make any rainy Monday a hundred times better. Slightly worryingly it's been closed the last couple of evenings I've walked past, but hopefully that's not a permanent thing. 


Not strictly a "new" restaurant, but a reincarnation of the summer version, Pergola on the Roof is back, and better than before. It's fully covered and heated, and you can book tables with blankets, then order food from one of the four street food stalls - Snaps & Rye, Le Bab, Patty & Bun and Le Bao. We sampled something from each.... my favourite, as I already knew it would be, was this almighty veggie burger (no I'm not veggie, but it's too good not to eat) from Patty and Bun. I first tried it at Wilderness and have been dreaming of it ever since.

So, we're nearly up to speed (!) but do check back for quite a few more reviews and pics of food that I've been cooking which will be published in the next week or two.



  1. All that food looks delicious, i'm very jealous :)

    Rachael xx.

    1. It was - sometimes I forget all the amazing places I've eaten out until I do this kind of post... haha!

      Rosie xx

  2. This is such a good idea, I often forget to write about an awesome restaurant or else take too few pictures. Everything looks delicious.



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