Normally I don't review the same restaurant twice unless something drastic has happened, there's been a renovation or a big change. However, I'm bending that rule especially for 108 Brasserie because though nothing drastic has happened there's something I wanted to tell you about that I didn't really cover before. Every month at 108 Brasserie there's a "dish of the month" which is made with seasonal ingredients. I really like the idea, particularly in a hotel restaurant, as I imagine a lot of their diners are regular guests at the hotel, so it's nice to have a distinct, different dish each month, even though the menu does change seasonally anyway. I popped along to try out August's "dish of the month" and also have some inside info for you about September's dish. But let's start with August....

What I really like about 108 Brasserie is that despite being a 'hotel restaurant' it doesn't feel like one. It just feels like a classy, yet not too formal brasserie style restaurant. And it's in a great location in Marylebone. The restaurant is separate from the bar area so if you just want to pop in for a drink and a main course you don't have to sit in the main restaurant area. And I recommend you do pop in for a drink because their cocktails are wonderful. I've tried various drinks there before (and will be back to try out concoctions like Mexican Lane - tapatio tequila, mango juice, lemon juice, homemade chilli syrup and grapefruit bitters) but on my recent visit settled for a basil and cucumber gimlet, made with No 3 gin, fresh basil and cucumber juice. It's a short but very refreshing and clean tasting cocktail. It normally has a sugar syrup in it but I asked for it without, and they were happy to oblige. I accompanied my drink with a couple of oysters. Not the Colchester Natives that were advertised on the menu, but some plump and delicious rock oysters with an excellent red wine shallot vinegar.
My starter was octopus carpaccio with tomato and chilli dressing which was tasty but I felt could've had more oomph from the chilli and a little more olive oil drizzled on it. It was good but just lacking that extra seasoning.
However, I really was there for the star of the show, August's "dish of the month" which is pan fried John Dory, picked fennel, pink grapefruit and tarragon vinaigrette. And it was spot on. The fish was perfectly cooked with a wonderful crispy skin and so well complimented by the pickled fennel, juicy grapefruit and slightly aniseed tarragon. I had a side of asparagus, olive oil and shaved Berswell which perhaps is not the ideal accompaniment to the piece of fish, but was what I really fancied, and very much enjoyed! The dish of the month is normally between £20-30 and is made with the finest ingredients available.


August's "dish of the month" at 108 Brasserie is the perfect summer-y main course, and so well executed. And their "dish of the month" for September sounds even better than August's - Balmoral estate venison wellington with savoy cabbage...... yum!! I can't wait to head there in September and try that dish. It really does sound like early Autumn on a plate.


  1. An appetizing and easy summer menu. August "dish of the month" look great. I think this brasserie is worth seeing!

    1. Their dishes of the month are always so good. Love the seasonality of them.

      Rosie x


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