The Art of Dining know how to do a pop up restaurant. Their 80s Office Party I went to will long remain in my memory (despite the copious amounts of booze consumed...) - the food they serve is delicious and the immersive experience of the whole evening is unlike anything I've experienced elsewhere. Which is why you need to book tickets to their next event - Fire and Feast, which starts its two week run at the London Dungeons on Tuesday 14th June. It's nearly sold out so get in there quick!

I went down to the London Dungeons for a sneaky preview of what's to come. Firstly, I have to say that the London Dungeons are not where I thought they were.... Apparently they moved. Three years ago. So having completely ignored the email from the PRs, in my "I don't need to read that, I know where the dungeons are" state, I arranged to meet Julie on Tooley St, near the "dungeons". They're not there anymore. The London Dungeons are now at County Hall, right next to the London Eye, so if you go to Fire and Feast that's where you need to head.

We finally arrived at the correct location, and had an excellent hour of quaffing bubbly, and going on a tour of the dungeons' new show - Escape the Great Fire. I don't want to spoil it for you, but it was a really excellent show! Lots of laughs and screams, and plenty for you to work up an appetite for the feast that followed.

The Art of Dining's chef Ellen creates incredible dishes and those at Fire and Feast are no different. She's prepared a five course menu of Bread, Smoke, Fire, Burnt and Ash, all of which were absolutely delicious. The bread is whipped anchovy butter with warm bread and a spring green salad.

Smoke is smoked salmon, Russian salad, pickled beetroot and dill - 

Fire was my favourite course - Sichuan style beef ribs in fire sauce with braised greens and garlic rice. The flavours were excellent, and the beef was so tender and tasty.

Burnt pudding is burnt butter cake, burnt white chocolate and stewed gooseberries with crème fraiche.

And Ash is ash goat's cheese, rosemary oatcakes and your own little jar of tangy pickled green plums.

Ellen is a seriously talented chef and while all the dishes are so on point style wise, there is no loss of substance. This is restaurant worthy food served to match the curious surroundings. You can choose to have a wine flight paired with each course for a very reasonable £20 or buy bottles of wine or cocktails to have with your meal. Tickets are £55 and worth every penny, but be quick, cos they're selling hotcakes and you do not want to miss out on this! Julie, who I took as my plus one, said it was one of the best nights of her life....



  1. Wow this looks really cool! gutted to have missed it.

    1. Was such a great event - anything the Art of Dining do is brilliant so keep an eye out for their next events.

      Rosie xx


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