There's a new-ish company in London that is literally the company of my dreams. Eat First are a food delivery company like no other. They don't go and collect your food from restaurants - they have their own kitchen, run by top professional chefs, where they make your food to order. You can order on the day you want food, or if you know you've got people coming round and want some top quality dishes to serve you can order in advance. Oh, and they also do brunch. And Bloody Marys! Delivered straight to your door exactly when you want them. Sounds pretty good?!

Eat First have recently teamed up with Noemi from Berlin Brunch to launch the brunch part of their delivery service. So if you know you're going out on a Friday and can't face cooking on the Saturday you can put your order for brunch (and booze) in during the week, and it will come straight to you when you need it. We went to The Little Yellow Door to check out Noemi's dishes, and sample some (all) of the drinks on offer too. Starting with a Bloody Mary made with clear tomato juice - using cyrofiltration (freezing the vegetable then straining it as it defrosts) - creating the most tomato-y flavoured tomato juice I've ever tried. Mix that with Our London vodka, some pickles and the horseradish sauce mix that comes with the drink in the delivery, and you've got a seriously good Bloody Mary.

We sampled all of the brunch items that Noemi has created for Eat First. My absolute favourite was the smoked mackerel pate with grated apple, fresh horseradish and rye bread. Other highlights included The Berliner - a platter of cheeses, cured meats and veggies, and the sweet potato and feta toasts. Beetroot hummus and avocado was brilliant, and for the sweet toothed, there was almond butter and banana with quark and chia granola.

There are other dishes available for brunch that have been created by head chef Benn Hodges, like the asparagus frittata with b├ęchamel, and the flock and herd sausage ragout. Lunch and dinner dishes include salmon teriyaki, rare roast beef salad and spring lamb with vegetables to name just a few. And wine, beer and fresh juices and smoothies.

Eat First are revolutionising the food delivery market, offering top quality food made using the freshest ingredients, and I really like the ordering system - allowing you to plan ahead, or order off the cuff. Check out the dishes you can order from there here.


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    1. Really was so great - can't wait to order off them in future!

      Rosie xx


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