I've got a really exciting event to tell you about! Throughout July one of my favourite restaurants is teaming up with my favourite chocolatier to serve a menu of chocolate inspired cocoktails, mains, desserts, brunches and petit fours. New Zealand born, fusion chef Peter Gordon of The Providores and Tapa Room is joining forces with Paul A Young to create a unique and exciting chocolate themed menu, and it's all kicking off with a very special event. On Wednesday 1st July, the pair are hosting a four course, wine matched dinner at The Providores for 40 lucky guests.
The menu for 1st July is as follows:

Aperitif using Original Beans 70% Virunga, pomegranate, coriander & ginger spritz (non-alcoholic) or cocoa-infused Bloody Mary cocktail
Chocolate babaganoush, liquorice infused daikon, sesame cheesy wafer and tamarillo using Duffy's 65% Dominican Republic chocolate
Octopus, chilli, green mango, lime, crispy garlic and shallots, salted coconut kaffir lime and chocolate sauce using Menakao 100% Madagascar chocolate
Seared den miso chocolate beef onglet, tossed with toasted nibs, crispy buckwheat, ginger, kohlrabi, steamed shiitake and tofu using 64% Papua New Guinea chocolate
White chocolate and strawberry mousse using Valrhona white 0% and 64%, strawberries, and a pink peppercorn, pumpkin seed, salt biscuit shard using Original Beans Virunga
Coconut, soy and sesame using Duffy's 65% Dominican Republic chocolate, and tamarind and pickled ginger with 64% Original Beans Virunga

Each course will be matched with a suitable wine or 2, six in total, from The Providores and Tapa Room's extensive cellar collection, and tickets for this event are available here, priced at £100 each, which I think is great value for all the food, drinks and wine you'll be getting!

If you fancy trying any of these dishes but aren't available on 1st July then you can pop into The Providores and Tapa room throughout July to sample the individual dishes/drinks. Guests can choose one, two or all of the chocolate dishes to enjoy at The Providores, and select chocolate dishes can be eaten with the chocolate cocktails downstairs in The Tapa Room. Both petit four options will also be available for purchase at all 4 of Paul A Young's London stores throughout July. I'm definitely going to be popping into The Providores to try out some of the dishes, they sound so intriguing and look absolutely delicious!


  1. This combines two of my favourites chocolate and food. What a wonderful menu this is totally my perfect event, the pictures have me salivating Lucy x

    1. Hope you manage to get there to try some then Lucy!

      Rosie xx

  2. I've never been to the Providores but it's firmly on my must visit list and I'm already a huge fan of Paul A Young so this sounds lovely.

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    1. Put it to the top of your must visit list Suze, such innovative and exciting food.

      Rosie xx

  3. Whaaaat, this sounds and looks so ridiculous! Paul A Young is my FAVOURITE chocolatier - I could live (/die) from those salted caramels. I absolutely love the dishes on the menu and would be desperate to go to this - why on a Wednesday??? Will definitely try to stop by for a single dish though :) Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

    1. You should go anyway Andrea - they're serving all the dishes throughout July so you can just recreate their pop up menu!

      Rosie xx


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