I'm very excited to announce the date of my next pop up supper club, which will be taking place at our home in West London on Saturday 30th May. I absolutely love this time of year as the produce available is some of my favourite. Fresh spring greens, delicious lamb, and elderflower and rhubarb - which are 2 of my favourite pudding ingredients. I've also teamed up with Farmdrop for the event, who I'll be sourcing all my food from to create an almost 100% British menu (though tea and coffee are obviously not British products!)

However, the most important thing to me about my next pop up is what I'll be doing with all the proceeds - as I'm sure you're all aware Nepal suffered 2 horrific earthquakes which have killed thousands, displaced hundreds of thousands and affected the lives of millions. I helped out at an amazing Grub Club recently where 100 guests and many volunteers raised over £25,000 for two charities working to help the Nepalese get their lives back on track - Dolma Fund, founded to "alleviate poverty by investing in education, health and sustainable businesses in Nepal"; and Woman Kind Worldwide, whose work is best described here. Obviously there's no way we're going to be able raise the kind of money that was raised last week, but anything and everything I can donate will still go towards making a difference.

As normal, my pop up will be on the Saturday evening and I can host up to 20 guests. The menu is as follows but if you want to come and you see something on the menu that you can't eat or don't like then just mention this in the comments section when booking and I will make an alternate course for you. Tickets are priced at £35 and that includes a welcome cocktail, four courses and homemade sweets with tea and coffee.

Rhubarb and elderflower fizzy cocktail
Asparagus; sea trout; lemon mayo; hazelnuts; walnut bread
Lamb chump chop; belly fritter; baby gem; new potatoes, quails egg and caper salad; goats curd
Elderflower posset with rhubarb jam and honey shortbreads
British cheeseboard with salted biscuits and chutney
Homemade fudge and coffee or tea - tea is being provided by The Tea Makers, so expect some delicious brews to try after you've had your food!

It's bring your own booze, so you can bring a nice bottle of wine (or 2) and I've got some suggestions of some great white wines that work perfectly with this Spring themed menu. First is the Cavlet Reserve, Bordeaux, which is available (and of offer) at Waitrose. It's a light white wine, with a fresh citrus zing to it, and would be great with the starter of trout and asparagus. Next is the Chateau de Fesles La Chapelle, Anjou Blanc, which has tastes of apples and pears, and is slightly more oaky than the Cavlet Reserve. The Chateau de Fesles is also available at Waitrose, and is the most expensive of the 3 wines, at £13.99 a bottle. Finally the Chateau Cleray Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine sur Lie, Sauvion, 2013, which is my favourite of the 3. It's very dry and crisp and an excellent match to seasonal Spring produce. You can get this one from Majestic wines. It's also a perfect pairing with the pudding of elderflower posset and rhubarb jam as the dryness of the wine cuts through the creamy posset and sweet rhubarb.

Of course, you're welcome to bring whatever you'd like to drink with you to the pop up. As always I will provide soft drinks for those that would like them.
I hope some of you can make it along, and if not, please do spread the word about this pop up - let's fill the table so that I can donate as much as possible to the Nepal quake relief appeal funds.



  1. Looks fabulous! If only I was back in the UK...

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

    1. Thanks Polly! Hopefully one will coincide with your next visit :)

      Rosie xx


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