Last year while we had our house refurbed we stayed with friends just off Uxbridge Road and I found what is now one of my favourite pubs for food. However there was another place on Uxbridge Road that I walked past quite often that looked really good, and that was Bush Hall Dining Rooms which had only opened a couple of months before, and is part of the iconic music venue, Bush Hall, next door. Fast forward nearly a year and I finally got round to going there. Now I've discovered it I've actually booked it for my birthday meal next month as that's how much we liked it.

We went to Bush Hall Dining Rooms on the first day of the football season, on the way to drop the boy off at Loftus Road. The extra 18,000 people in the area meant that Bush Hall was pretty busy, but this didn't detract from quality of food or service.

It was a hot day and we sat right in the window with the sun streaming in, people watching and catching up on Saturday papers until the food arrived. Bush Hall does "all-day modern dining, traditional values and good living", serving wicked cocktails and modernised classic dishes in a relaxed and comfy environment. We kicked things off as all Saturday lunchtimes should with some delicious cocktails. Extra strong Bloody Mary for me, and a secret surprise, whose contents we never did find out, for the boy. It was something with ginger, and lots of booze, and was really good!

More intent on drinking that eating to start off with (to numb the pain that QPR were about to inflict) we shared a starter before a main course each. We went for a favourite starter of ours - calamari, in the form of salt and pepper squid with red pepper sauce. Crunchy, perfectly seasoned outsides and tender squid inside, it worked so well with the red pepper dip.

For mains I had Bloody Mary mussels with chips, which was delicious. The fresh tomato sauce with the kick of the Bloody Mary spices was so good, and the chips excellently cooked, crispy outsides and soft insides.

The boy went for one of his go tos - cheeseburger and chips. He had asked for it medium rare, which it sadly wasn't but it was delicious all the same (you know when you're too hungry to send something back for being not quite right - that!) 

I'm now a huge fan of Bush Hall Dining Rooms and can see us going there for lots of meals in the future - their breakfast and brunch menu also looks pretty tempting. Not only was all the food great, the service was seamless and the atmosphere was so lovely. Relaxed without lacking in quality and really good value - we paid less than £20 each for all the above. They also do great deals for pre-gig menus, and have specials on cocktails at the weekends.

Bush Hall Dining Rooms is a 5 minute walk from Shepherd's Bush and you can find more info about their food on their website here.
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  1. That looks like some delicious food... especially that burger!


    1. The food was great Victoria - and such a lovely place as well, really nice cosy atmosphere

      Rosie xx

  2. That looks super yummy!!
    I love mussels, and have only made them once at home. Eating them out makes it so special, as you don't have to de-beard them yourself!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

    1. Totally agree with you Teffy, de-bearding mussels is SUCH a pain! I served them at one of my pop ups and did not enjoy the 1hr30 of de-bearding several kilos of mussels! They were delicious though :)

      Rosie xx