Every so often I come across a new restaurant that surprises and delights me. It surprises as I always assume that because I've only just found it, it must be brand new (rarely is) and it delights me as I have a new place to go for amazing food in London. The Shed in Notting Hill is one of these.

I only found out about The Shed last week whilst googling potential spots for a mid week girly dinner, and called and booked the only table they had left, which was at 6pm. It didn't matter that it was so early though - I work not far from Notting Hill so knew I could get there in time and I'd been saving myself for food all day... if only my dinner date had got there on time too! By the time she arrived it was quarter to seven and I was already 2 drinks down. I don't want to moan though, it was strangely nice to sit there on my own whilst waiters and waitresses in checked shirts buzzed around me getting the place ready for what was to be a full house on a Tuesday night. I'm working with a food festival later this year, so while I waited I made some notes for that, as it's rare I've got any time to myself at the moment.

While waiting I had one of The Shed's signature cocktails - Goosey Loosey - a mix of Bold London Spirit (a locally brewed aperitif brewed using cherries and botanicals), gooseberry, lime, mint and soda, that was just the right side of sweetness to be a refreshing pick me up before food. I also ordered two of the "mouthfuls" from the menu, which are literally just that, and both really delicious. I had the quail egg and celery salt, and the hake rillettes with lemon marmalade and crisp bread.

The Shed is not dissimilar food-style-wise to 64 Degrees in Brighton, which I loved when I ate there recently. The Shed say that they "farm, forage and produce seasonal British food" that they serve in small portions which are ideal for sharing. They recommend 2-3 dishes per person. However, Michelle and I have quite different food tastes, so ignored their advice and chose 2 dishes each, which they very kindly made sure were brought out at the same time as each other, when they normally serve plate by plate.

I went for pan fried goat's cheese with hazelnuts, honey and thyme - a sweet but tasty dish, with the saltiness from the cheese being perfectly complemented by the sweet honey and crunchy hazelnuts.

Michelle's first dish was the highly recommended hake, lemon potato vinaigrette, capers, savoy cabbage and samphire. I was allowed a little bite, and it was as good as they said - so fresh tasting and the capers were excellent little salty bites in the mix. Michelle loved it.

Next for me was spatchcock quail, The Shed BBQ sauce and fennel. Again, a really well put together dish (although I had chosen 2 quite sweet dishes!). The quail was juicy and tender and the Shed's special BBQ sauce is one I can only hope to emulate in my own kitchen.

Michelle's second dish was another winner - grilled courgette, sundried tomatoes (that tasted like they'd been dried slowly on a really low heat, therefore retaining their juiciness and wonderful flavour), peas, tahini and mint - a summer veggie delight.

Not normally one for pudding, I had my little arm twisted and we shared The Shed magnum vienetta parfait. It was a sweet and caramel and chocolate on a plate. Maybe a little too sweet for me, which is why I normally steer clear! But really good all the same, and I loved the plate it was served on.

The Shed have a pretty extensive wine list, which includes a lot of British wines. Michelle had some "Nutty" bubbly and I had a glass of white from Nutbourne vineyards, in West Sussex. The white was pleasant but tasted a little like it was a natural wine (even thought I don't think it was), which I'm not so keen on as I don't like the slight fizz you get.

The dishes at The Shed are priced from £6.50-£9 - so all really reasonable. Our bill came to £75 (a third of which was drinks) between the two of use which I think is great value considering the quality of ingredients and cooking. And anywhere that has Montgomery cheese on the menu is a winner - that's what I serve at my pop ups!
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  1. This looks really great and at an awesome price too! The pan fried goats cheese looks sensational. Thanks for the tip! x


    1. It was so good. I really love finding 'new', local-ish places to eat. Will be back there very soon!!

      R xx

  2. Went in January and they represent great British food and we need more. Ps font know if you've been but you should try the British restaurant in Herefordrd. Forget the name but google should tell you.

    1. They're doing such a great thing there. Is the restaurant on Hereford Rd actually called Hereford Road? Just googled it, and that came up - it looks great! Will be going there soon :)

      R xx

  3. This place looks absolutely lovely. You can tell how fresh all the ingredients are just from your photos. I so rarely go out in the Notting Hill area but with so many lovely little places like this popping up perhaps I should change my ways.

    Caroline x

    1. It really was as good as it looks. And I've just found out the guys who run it are opening a new place called Rabbit on the King's Rd soon. Another place that's amazing in Notting Hill is Dock Kitchen.

      Rosie xx


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