Recently, you can hardly move for articles about juicing and juices, and greens and health, and arguements about whether smoothies or juices are more beneficial etc etc. Either way, I know what I like and what I think tastes good, and this is my version of that. It's a juice not a smoothie, and it's one I only make once a week as I honestly don't have time to juice and then clean the kitchen (because I do always make a massive mess when juicing) before I go to work. So here it is - my weekend juice.

This is what I use, but you can grab anything fresh and green and stick it through the juicer! I do like using lemons or limes though, as it lifts what can actually be quite a heavy juice.

Makes 2 large glasses of juice

Large bunch kale
2 red beetroot
1 golden beetroot
1 cucumber
1 bunch celery
2 peeled lemons
3 apples
1 pear
Large bunch spinach
Large bunch cavolo nero

This is undeniably a lot of vegetables and fruit, but they're the bits and bobs that were left in the bottom of our fridge, and a few extras from the market that I bought in bulk, so it doesn't add up to too much.

I don't worry about peeling anything except for the lemons. Stick all the ingredients through the juicer into a large jug, stir and pour!

It's not the prettiest thing you'll see but it tastes so good that it doesn't matter what it looks like!



  1. I've been doing a bit of juicing on and off lately. I usually throw in some apples to sweeten things up. Luckily my daughter likes most of the juices I make so we usually share a big glass a couple of times a week :)

    1. That's so good that your little girl likes the juices too! I think if my mum had tried to give me something the colour of the juices I make now there's no way I would've drunk them!!

      ROsie xx


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