Recently, you can hardly move for articles about juicing and juices, and greens and health, and arguements about whether smoothies or juices are more beneficial etc etc. Either way, I know what I like and what I think tastes good, and this is my version of that. It's a juice not a smoothie, and it's one I only make once a week as I honestly don't have time to juice and then clean the kitchen (because I do always make a massive mess when juicing) before I go to work. So here it is - my weekend juice.

This is what I use, but you can grab anything fresh and green and stick it through the juicer! I do like using lemons or limes though, as it lifts what can actually be quite a heavy juice.

Makes 2 large glasses of juice

Large bunch kale
2 red beetroot
1 golden beetroot
1 cucumber
1 bunch celery
2 peeled lemons
3 apples
1 pear
Large bunch spinach
Large bunch cavolo nero

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Last Saturday lunchtime I treated myself and the boy to lunch at a pop up -it was so nice to go to someone else's pop up for a change! I booked 2 places at the early sitting (2pm) of a pop up I've been meaning to go to for a while now but kept missing, so was glad they had space to fit us in. "Mothershuckin lunchtime" is all about seafood. The lovely girls who run the pop up source the freshest, best seafood they can get and serve it up to 15 people at a time in the Muse gallery on Portobello road.

We set off from home to Portobello, with the sun on our backs, on the nicest Saturday morning for a while. Portobello was buzzing, and it felt quite exclusive being able to slip into the Muse gallery while people peered in from outside, wondering what they were missing out on!

As with all good meals, we started with a good drink. I had the Bloody Mary, which was made with the Mothershuckers' own horseradish and a chilli infused vodka, while the chilli-shy boy stuck with a Meantime London lager.

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Having now done 3 public A Little Lusciousness pop ups, and 3 private A Little Lusciousness catering gigs, I thought I'd share some of the photos with you, although I can't share all the recipes, as they're going into my cookbook I'm writing!

Homemade hummus:

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As my blog reader numbers increase, and I realise that I might not actually know everyone personally who reads my blog, I thought I'd put together a little list of facts about me that you might not know.

- I'm originally from the West country, near a small place called Castle Cary in Somerset. My parents live in a tiny village there, that has no shops and 1 pub. It's a beautiful place, surrounded by fields, little rivers and farms, and I reckon you could live pretty self sufficiently in the village, as you can buy all types of different foods from local producers. I've been living in London for more than 10 years now though.

- I am obsessed with dogs - to the point where I ask the boy daily when we can get one (I'm still not sure I understand the reasons why not, but think it has something to do with me working full time in an office, and him therefore getting left with most of the care). I can't walk past a dog in the street without wanting to go and say hi!

- I work Monday to Friday as an assistant to a director of River Island. I love my job, and River Island are a brilliant company to work for.

- I am writing a cook book. This has been on my to do list for a while now, but 2014 is my year! I am hoping to self publish, so watch this space for a whole book of seasonal recipes.... I also do pop up restaurants and catering gigs, info about which you can find here. So far at my pop ups, I've cooked for 2 food writers for national publications and a top chef's literary agent, and have still had really good reviews, so I'd say they're going well so far!

- I don't drink non-alcoholic fizzy drinks. Apart from the odd Purdy's.

- I don't drink tea, and never have. I've tried it, I just don't like it. This amazes a lot of people, and my family are still in denial - my mum often offers me a cup of tea when I'm at their house.

- My favorite drink is water (fun!) or black coffee. My favorite alcoholic drink is bubbles or white wine. My favorite meat is beef, fish is mackerel, fruit is clementines and my favorite vegetable is beetroot. I also love cheese. Pretty much all cheese is good with me!

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This post is so embarrassingly late, I don't know where to start with the excuses! My photos are also dark, but I promise it's worth a read!

In November (the 3rd to be precise), I was kindly invited to a wonderful feast, provided by top chefs at Vivek Singh's restaurant, The Cinnamon Kitchen, near Liverpool Street. It was the most wonderful evening, and was put on in aid of Action Against Hunger's Global Gastronomy campaign.

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