I was thrilled to be invited to Barrio East, one of 3 Barrio restaurants, to try their new brunch and brunch cocktail menu recently. Breakfast/brunch is one of my favorite things, especially when there's time to enjoy it at the weekend. Barrio East is on Shoreditch High St and Sunday was the first time I'd been there since they took over from previous residents Avalon (apparently there's even still a swimming pool in the basement there!)

As you know, it was baking hot on Sunday in London, and getting the tube from West to East was almost unbearable, but arriving at Barrio East, into their cool, bright and funky venue, it all seemed worthwhile. We were seated on a table right by the window, which was perfect for watching the world go by outside.


It was already lunchtime when we got to Barrio (it was Sunday) so once seated, we were talked through the brunch cocktail list. They do various takes on the Bloody Mary, and you can choose your spirit (tequila, vodka, mezcal or gin) and mixer (tomato, verdita, smokey chipolte and bacon or super spicy). I went for tequila with verdita, which is a pineapple, chilli, mint and coriander mix. I was worried it might be too sweet, from the pineapple juice, but it was one of the most refreshing drinks I've had! All those herbs must be good for me too?!

The menu is based around British and Mexican breakfast classics. There are breakfast burritos, full English breakfasts and a whole lot more. We went for 3 dishes to share - the Mexi-can (£6.50), avocado piled on wholemeal toast with poached eggs and fried tortilla strips with chillies on the side;

Breakfast of champignons (£6.50), similar to the Mexi-can but with field mushrooms instead of avocado; and the Chivito sandwich (£8.50), thinly sliced rump steak, bacon, roasted peppers, grilled onions and a fried egg, with herbed potatoes.

We were a bit greedy with our choices but ate it all nonetheless! With full bellies and an impending mission to the excellent 2nd hand clothes store, Strut, on Stoke Newington Church St, I knew I needed some sort of caffeine to get me going, so had an iced latte before leaving. I very rarely drink milk, but this was exactly what I needed to wake me up and cool me down!

I'm hoping that Barrio East will roll out their brunch menu across all 3 of their restaurants, so next time I need a spicy morning pick me up, I'll only have to go as far as Soho! In the meantime, brunch is served from 10.30-3pm on Saturday and Sunday at Barrio East, and is well worth a visit! Click to add a blog post for Barrio East on Zomato


  1. All that food looks delicious! Will definitely have to give it a try next time I venture East

    1. Definitely worth a visit! They've got branches in Soho and Angel too but not sure if they do the brunch menu yet.. Really good cocktails too!! :)

      R xx

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