Tibits is a purely vegetarian restaurant, nestled just off Regent Street, in the Heddon Street food court, and is a cross between a sit down restaurant and a fast food take away place.

I was invited to try the food at Tibits and chose to go on a weekday evening. Despite it being a school night, it was really busy, and although it's right in the middle of tourist-ville, it felt like there were quite a lot of regular customers there too.

We started the evening with a fresh fruit juice cocktail - both going for the Apple and Cucumber mojito, that I thought was really good. It was really refreshing and I can imagine how good it would taste sitting in the sun outside the restaurant (the day we visited was sadly not one of the 3 sunny days we've had so far this year!)

They also do a range of non-alcoholic drinks, and the ginger lemonade was delicious.

The food at Tibits is served buffet style and is charged by weight.

What really impressed me was the variety of vegetarian food they serve. Quite often vegetarian-only places seem to be slightly limited to what they serve, only doing Chinese or Indian style food, but Tibits had a whole range of things to feast on, from salads and vegetables cooked in various ways, to pasta dishes, rice, quionoa and much more.

Homemade bread rolls are served for you to mop all the salads and sauces you want.

My favorite dish I tried at Tibits was dried green beans. I had never come across these before, but they're apparently not that uncommon as a couple of friends I talked to about them had already tried them elsewhere. Having said that, the ones they were serving here were really good. I also loved the cream cheese filled, deep fried jalapenos, although for the sake of my waistline, I stopped after 3!!

Tibits also do puddings, and their berry crumble was fantastic - tarte enough to not be overly sweet with a really nutty, crunchy crumble topping.

As I said, the food at Tibits is sold by weight. So you can top up your plate as often as you want, and they tally up the total weight/cost of your food. I really recommend a visit if you're in the area, especially if you want a quick, healthy take away lunch, as they cater for take away too.

The bill for our evening came to £60 between 2 of us, and included a bottle of wine, a couple of cocktails and almost more food than we could eat!! Obviously if you were getting a take away lunch, it would be more like £8 for a large portion of food.

For more information on Tibits, go to www.tibits.co.uk.

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