Grub Club is a brand new website, that has been sent to answers my prayers... kinda! It lists most of the supper clubs in London and allows you to easily book places at any that take your fancy. I managed to catch up with Liv, one of the co-founders of Grub Club, to ask her a bit about her inspirations, aspirations and food influences. Here's what she had to say:

What is Grub Club and what was your inspiration behind setting Grub Club up?
Grub Club is a platform for food entrepreneurs. We help creative chefs find underused spaces in order to set up temporary restaurants. Foodies then search and book delicious, unique meals through our site. 
The idea of organising dinner parties for people to eat delicious food and meet like-minded people seems so simple, yet it was incredibly difficult to find these places online; it felt like the type of niche event only open to those "in the know", whereas we believe everyone should have the opportunity to eat great meals in relaxed, social surroundings.

How long has it taken you to get to this stage?
Sid and I decided to get the platform built in August, but we only officially launched Grub Club in mid-January this year.  

There are various websites doing a similar sort of thing to Grub Club - what sets you apart?
The idea behind Grub Club is to create connections amongst the foodie world, so everyone can benefit from being part of a group that shares the same passion. Although it's a complex web of collaborations behind the scenes, the platform we have built is intended to make it simple for anyone to use. So as a foodie, you can find interesting and enticing meals within a couple of clicks. Simplicity is key!

What are the future plans with Grub Club?
The idea of Grub Club is to bring people together around a table. Food is what connects us all as human beings and breaks down barriers. We would like to bring Grub Club to a wider audience than London within the next 12 months, so that next time you go abroad, instead of relying on your Lonely Planet and following the same tourist trail as everyone else, you can book yourself into a Grub Club meal anywhere around the world and get a glimpse of local life in any city you travel to.

What's the best supper club you've been to?
It's difficult to compare them. What's exciting about these meals is that each one is utterly unique and full of the passion and creativity of the host. Whether it's a Michelin-level meal by a top chef unleashing his creativity or the traditional home-cooked food of a Brazilian woman, the experiences I've had at the various meals have all been exciting and unforgettable in their own ways. There's always something to suit my mood and I continue to be blown away by people's talent, warmth and imagination at these meals. 

Favorite restaurant?
The old traditional Pizzeria, "La Siesta" that was by my school in France. Best pizzas ever! I'm still looking for somewhere in London that comes anywhere near. Always looking for suggestions! 

What makes a successful supper club?
Passion and belief in what you do. When chefs want to share the love of the food and culture they are transmitting, it's usually a recipe for success. Of course good food is essential, and is a key reason for attending, but it's about more than the food - it's what hosts want to share with their guests, which is why it's so much more than a restaurant experience. The people you share your food with, will be people you share your experience with, and this can lead to unforgettable memories and long term friendships. 

What would your last supper be?
My mum's Vitello Tonnato followed by the Yoghurt cake she and my little brother used to bake together when he was 3 years old.  

Where is your favorite fresh food market?
I still love going to Portobello Road. As a West Londonner, I'm envious of all the upcoming and buzzing markets popping up around East and South East London, but I love the buzz and unpretentious vibe of Portobello road fresh food market on a Friday, before all the weekend crowds arrive. 

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
A banana. Give me fried brains or chocolate-dipped ants any day and I'll find it less weird than eating a banana. I get very upset if someone is eating one within a 10-metre radius of me, especially on the tube.  

Favorite cookbook?
My mum's cookbook! It's full of all our favourite recipes as children, as well as stories of her growing up on a farm in Lancashire. Her strong connection to food in its most natural state is what has inspired her simple yet delicious way of cooking and is the only thing that would unite us a family. I had 3 brothers growing up, and my mum's food is just about the only peacekeeping element she could bribe us with to try to make us get along. 
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This Wednesday I'm going to a supper club at the Duke's Head, which I arranged via Grub Club. Hosting their first game pop up, with this month heavily focusing on duck, local butcher, Parson's Nose is supplying beautiful quality birds and have inspired double rosette winning chef, Daniel Kelly to create a mouth-wateringly excellent menu. Expect elegant canapes, snippets of tender wood pigeon and rich and intricately balanced flavours of duck. A true taste of end of season game - I can't wait! There are still tickets available, so if you fancy joining us, book yours at http://www.grubclub.com/Event/Details?eventId=87&utm_source=Users+for+Newsletter+First+names&utm_campaign=2a5d331bb1-Mar_Newsletter3_2013&utm_medium=email.

And for information and tickets for other up coming supper clubs, go to www.grubclub.com and take your pick!


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