A few months ago I read an article in a London magazine about a new style guide app that had just launched. I promptly downloaded it, won a competition through the app to go to an outdoor rooftop cinema (which I was actually unable to make) and forgot all about it, until last week. I have a habit of downloading lots of new, exciting apps, only for them to fill up my screen, get filed away in folders and for me not to look at them again. So I had a bit of a clear out, and rediscovered this brilliant app.

The app is easy to use, super stylish, and if you follow its advice, you're in for a great night at some of your local city's finest eateries and bars. Click here to download the app for free and see for yourself. It currently covers London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds and Liverpool.

Once you've selected your city, the app allows you to browse through it's suggestions of places to eat, drink, shop and wander. And they are all exactly my kind of places. The app lists venues by category, and also shows you a map of the various places to visit, which is how I ended up spending all of Saturday in various bars and restaurants round Portobello. I live in West London, but so often ignore it to head into Central or East for food and frollics, so it was really nice to follow a guide of where to go near me!

Starting at the top of Portobello Road, we drowned away our hangovers with a Bloody Mary at Pizza East, and munched our way through delicious avocado, chilli and toast, and fried squid starters, before tucking into a pizza each.

Sunglasses back on, we headed down Portobello Road to One of a Kind - a vintage fashion store recommended by the app. Finding solace away from the market crowds we browsed the brilliant designer bargains. But finding shopping all a bit much, we followed the app again, which led us to The Electric, where it was definitely time for (another) drink. Wrapped up warm, we sat outside with a cocktail each and watched the world wizz by.

Because I've enjoyed using this app so much already, I want to treat one of you to a couple of drinks at one of the app's suggested bars. All you need to do is download the app, tell me which one of the app's suggested bars you'd like to visit - I will pick a winner, and put £30 behind the bar of their chosen venue!!

So get downloading, and tell me what you think of the app :).


  1. This looks like a great app, really easy to use and informative.. I'll definitely be downloading it!

  2. Brilliant idea for an app! Especially love the ideas for a hangover cure!!

  3. Looks like a really nice idea for an app, I know I have def been stuck in unchartered territory needing to find somewhere local, but good. Would like to know how the establishments get onto the app though? Independent reviews etc? Can't find this anywhere and really important!
    As I have a retro iPhone 3 I have not been able to download the app yet, will do soon, but happy to go upon miss Llewelyn s recommendations for venues if I win xx

  4. I'd like to go to Burger and Lobster, Soho.


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